Half-Term Activity Day at the Centre

About 30 children and parents dropped in at theĀ  Heritage Centre, for the first of our Half-term Activity days.
The children heard the story of good King Oswald (635-642). The aim was to teach them of how he overcame many trials and difficulties and served his people with great generosity and kindness. They learned also of his bravery and perseverance in uniting the warring kingdoms of the North, and in paving the way for the full unification of England under Alfred the Great.
The children made crowns, models of Bamburgh Castle, decorated illustrations from the Lindisfarne Gospels, learned how to read Runes (Early Anglo-Saxon script), and made maps showing the various kingdoms that England was divided into at that time.
Refreshments were provided throughout the day.

All seemed to have a good time and we look forward to having more of such activity days in the future.

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